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Fanfiction: Letters
Hi everyone, I uploaded my Iroha story: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7006107/1/Letters.


Reup of the KYMGC scans, please?
Hi there! I was wondering if anyone could reupload all of the KYMGC scans for me? Unfortunately all of the download links for it are dead.

Thank you so much!

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Anime - Escaflowne - Hitomi


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P i m p
W e l c o m e T o
S e i k a t s u H i g h
So there’s a high school, with teachers, students, principals, dances, drama; pretty much normal and annoying, except for one thing, students are disappearing, slowly, one by one. It’s like they were never here in the first place. And I think it’s strange that no one can say what happened to all those who are disappearing. Out of the entire school, someone knows something, they have to, and from the looks of it they aren’t going to talk anytime soon. It’s an academy school, you know, where your parents send you when they don’t want to see your face anymore; year round. Most of the people here are pretty intelligent, but then you get the occasional idiot that makes you wonder-- how the hell did they pass the entrance exam? You also have a variety of clubs. There’s the chess club, math club, track, basketball, foot ball, tennis, cheerleading, and card tournaments, for those of you that want to sit around and participate in that sort of game. Oh and don't think about trying to leave the campus without a pass from administration. The last guy who tried to pull that was never heard from again. In fact, no one ever talks about him. It’s like everyone’s too afraid to. There’s definitely something going on at this school, but it's as if those who are affected are unable to put their finger on what it is that is exactly amiss.

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STARFUCKERS _ brought to you by CEDOCORE
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Cartography: A Multifandom RPG

In a town surrounded and built on water, how sturdy is the foundation? After decades of the water lapping away at stone and wood, how steady can the existence of life and the people living in this town be called? Like humans are born and mature, how was this town built and how does it continue to grow?

Lighthouses can be found surrounding the water town, some seen like any other structure, but there is one lighthouse that stands above the rest and another lighthouse that can only be seen at night.

When a person has any kind of desire--be it longing, a goal, or something else--what is it they are seeking? What does it mean to perceive? What is each individual's reality? What is the truth that leads to no satisfaction?

A town connected by canals and two trains, a town surrounded by water, a town where traveling to different districts means crossing lonely bridges with abandoned places. What is it is about this town that calls out to your heart?

It would be great to get players interested in bringing characters from Iroha. :D

Ah, I might as well post this here
A short fic about Kanna.

Rating: PG
Summary: Kanna's confusion. An interlapse between the beginning and the end.

( Like a new magic of smoke and lead )

Somnio RPG - Multifandom

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7 Sonic the Hedgehog
6 Corgi

4 Bakumatsu Kikansetsu Irohanihoheto
4 Stock

21 icons total!


The others can be found HERE at oro_icons~!


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Take My Hand
Hi, I don't know if this is asking too much, but....

I was looking for the RAW of episode 3 specifically. I checked back in the tags and didn't even see one posted.

If anyone can help, I would be forever in your debt. Thanks!


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